Dried figs and beef tagine

One of the most beautiful and aromatic tagine recipes you can prepare are the sweet ones, they combine the flavors of Morocco and they also add a fantastic exotic taste. In reality, most tagine recipes are sweet; they require honey or sugar, it is because sweetness is going to give the sauce an incredible texture while also increasing the flavors. Servings: 6 people Cooking time: 1 hour Here are the ingredients:

Bream couscous

You will enjoy this bream couscous recipe a lot. Here are the ingredients you will need:

Potato and green peas beef tagine

This potato and green peas beef tagine is a very famous dish because it is delicious and very easy to make, and here are the ingredients required:

Oven baked tagine

Many readers have asked me about how to prepare tagine recipes in the oven; this is one of the most delicious recipes you can make. Here are the ingredients you will need:

Meat and quince tagine

When you hear the expression “Morocco is the land of enchantment”, it is true, there are many things in Morocco that are going to astonish you and even surprise you to a very high and pleasant degree. For example, Moroccans add a variety of vegetables and even fruits in their tagines, and the wonderful thing is that most of their tagines are quite delicious and easy to prepare. If you cannot find quinces, you can substitute them with cooking apples, although the taste is going to be little different. Here are the ingredients you are going to need: